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Linda was born and raised in Morgantown West Virginia. She began singing professionally at age 19. Early on, she performed with local West Virginia bands, and in stage shows in the tri-state area. Today with some 25 yearsof singing experience, she performs gospel music and enjoys singing for various audiences to spread the gospel. She particularly enjoys meeting and performing with artists and entertainers of diverse musical backgrounds.Linda has worked as an Optician for the past 25 years. Her hobbies are singing, playing keyboard, raising flowers and serving God through her local church.

Rich is a native of Morgantown, West Virginia. He started his music career playing trumpet through grade and high school. As a youngster he spent someyears as a bass player, then turned his musical talents to lead guitar.For several years, he performed on weekends with a number of local bands playing at stage shows and fairs hosting for various entertainers.. In addition to playing lead guitar for "Mountain Memories," he is also the lead guitarist for the "Christian Heirs", a well-known West Virginia Southern gospel group, Rich is retired now after working 30 years as a Therapist in hospitals throughout the local area.

Chuck comes from Spraggs Pennsylvania. He graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University with a bachelor of fine arts degree in music. For several years after graduation, he played bass guitar professionally with various bands in Texas and the Midwest. Upon returning to Southern Pennsylvania, Chuck semi-retired his bass and began playing on a more limited basis with various gospel ensembles. He has played bass guitar and trombone in stage shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar. Chuck works full time as an Engineer and and also runs a small farm.

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